Jan Sahas Helpline
for Girls and Women

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 3000 2852

Jan Sahas
Majdoor Helpline

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 2000 211

Legal Aid

There are 28 million cases pending in Indian subordinate courts out of which 24% have been pending for more than 5 years. There are about 5 legal aid lawyers and 2 subordinate court judges per 1,00,000 population. Access to justice becomes even more difficult for people who come from socio-economically excluded sections of the society. Jan Sahas works towards making laws accessible and comprehensible for legal empowerment, so people from excluded groups know their legal rights and a strong chance at a fair trial through high quality- pro bono legal support. Till now, Jan Sahas has supported over 68,240 cases related to socio-economic right such as land and property rights and 24,280 cases to gain access to justice on cases of gender based violence, forced labour, trafficking, etc. We have incubated ‘Lawyers Forum’ to support over 1,800 lawyers at lower level courts. Jan Sahas has trained over 3850 individuals as ‘Barefoot Lawyers’ (paralegals) further supporting their communities.