Jan Sahas Helpline
for Girls and Women

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 3000 2852

Jan Sahas
Majdoor Helpline

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 2000 211

Thank you for your interest in Jan Sahas and our vision to ensure dignity and equality for all.


We are always looking for leaders driven by their passion for advancing human rights. Join our diverse and dedicated team of 800+ members across India. Email your CVs for the relevant opportunities to careers@jansahasindia.org.

Current Opportunities

Volunteer With Us

Learn skills and meet new people – volunteer today and support our work from anywhere across the world. Send in your queries to info@jansahasindia.org.

Partner With Us

Jan Sahas is able to create a measurable impact with the invaluable support and collaboration of 50+ financial partners from corporates, institutions, international agencies and individuals who have invested in our potential. If you wish to partner with us, you can write to Sneha Lonkar at sneha.l@jansahashindia.org.

Direct Project Funding (DPF)

Direct Project Funding, DPF, is a funding that is earmarked to a specific project for a specific time period. This project may/ not directly or indirectly benefit the direct or indirect beneficiaries and/or communities. Major benefits of DPF include that these projects can be tailor-made/ customised to the corporate/ institution and/ or the organization’s mandate; it allows sustained mandate and the ability to track impact over time; and it is fairly easier to administer once it is set up.

Giving (PRG)

Payroll giving is a plan whereby the employees in a company are targeted and marketed for social projects. There is a minimum financial ask attached, which the employees may wish to contribute from their salaries on a monthly basis towards a pitched project to these employees towards a particular project.

The employees are presented a project, which the company and the employees agree to donate for, if appreciated for a social pitch. This can be done on a monthly basis, for a minimum of 50 employees. The employees may opt for an ECS which transfers the decided amount on a monthly basis for an agreed period of time, which is contributed towards the cause they choose to support; and the company may choose to match the employee giving grant to amplify the impact on-ground.


Sponsorships come in every size and shape. These are mainly event sponsorships, whereby you may choose to sponsor an entire or a part of the event. You may typically choose to sponsor an event to get a competitive edge in the market, for better prospecting, better brand recall, social positioning, inviting new and/or existing shareholders to invest into their company and for sharing news on expansion.

Organization Development

You may choose to support the costs towards organizational development that will help Jan Sahas with acquiring professional staff, training, compensations, development of teams, administrative costs of teams and the projects that require financial attention for its development and scaling.

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