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Safe Migration & Worker Protection

There are 140 million migrant workers in India who are forced to migrate due to lack of livelihood opportunities at home. Poor working conditions, long working hours, lack of water, sanitation or safety equipment and forced labour are perennial problems faced by the migrant workers and their families.

For the last 15 years, Jan Sahas has been working intensively with 1 million+ migrant communities to ensure their social protection and safe migration. Jan Sahas’ PR-3 model ensures reduction in prevalence of forced labour conditions by ensuring prevention (awareness raising with the communities and ensuring access to social security schemes), response (technology based tracking of migrant workers and immediate case based assistance), rehabilitation (connecting to welfare measures) and system reform (working with government departments and private bodies for large scale policy and practice reforms).

Through our intervention in the area, we have successfully:

Our current operating model directly reaches 48 districts across India. By 2025, we aim to reach 10 million migrant workers by scaling our model to 50 additional districts in collaboration with 40 civil society organizations.

We are thankful to our donors and strategic partners in helping us achieve our collective goals of serving the community.