Jan Sahas Helpline
for Girls and Women

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 3000 2852

Jan Sahas
Majdoor Helpline

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 2000 211

90% of migrant workers in India lost their incomes within the first 3 weeks of the national level COVID-19 lockdown announced during 2020. As a result, migrant families are still facing uncertain livelihoods, increased indebtedness, hunger and extreme poverty.

Jan Sahas, with its experience of working with migrant workers, construction labourers and daily wage workers for over five years, proactively formulated a multipronged approach to support the workers in meeting their immediate needs as well as to prevent them from the long term implications of the economic crisis. In first 100 days of the COVID lockdown, Jan Sahas drew support from 30+ philanthropic and private sector donors (of >2 Million USD) and worked with 42 nonprofits across 19 states in India to address needs of >10,40,000 migrant families, 1237 survivors of sexual violence, 12,480 frontline health workers and state actors through immediate relief support. Our support involved: