Jan Sahas Helpline
for Girls and Women

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 3000 2852

Jan Sahas
Majdoor Helpline

If you face any kind of violence call us

1800 2000 211

Our ability to expand and operate effectively is closely linked to the strength and resilience of civil society, as we collaborate closely with Community-Based Organisations in all of our programs. Our approach as a grassroots organisation is centred around partnering with and learning from our allies and striving for social equity and the preservation of human dignity.

Grassroots Resilience Institute(GRI)

Non-profit organisations that operate at the grassroots level, particularly those led by individuals from historically marginalised communities, have always struggled disproportionately to maintain and expand their work. Community-based organisations (CBOs), which play a crucial role in deep community outreach, receive minimal support, as larger funders often struggle to reach them and their leaders. The global pandemic has further exacerbated these challenges, resulting in existential crises for grassroots organisations. A survey conducted in 2020 revealed that over 70% of non-profit organisations were unable to hire for key leadership positions due to funding constraints and were unable to invest in organisational development to achieve greater impact.

Through our programs, Jan Sahas collaborates closely with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and our organisation's growth is closely intertwined with the resilience of civil society. As a grassroots-led organisation, our values are rooted in collaborating with our partners, learning from them, and working together to promote dignity and social equity.

The Grassroots Resilience Institute(GRI) Initiative aims to collaborate with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and assist them in overcoming the specific challenges they face in maintaining their organisations. We will provide dedicated coaching and training to our partners on all aspects of organisational development, including fundraising, financial and regulatory compliance, and programmatic clarity. Our partnership is our commitment to being:

We hope to see our work helping grassroots organisations become robust and resilient with program delivery and financial health and thriving together in an uncertain and complex world.